The story of RFC of San Francisco begins with the life of Raymond F. Clark, a beloved man in the San Francisco community whom his friends and family like to call “Big Ray.”

Big Ray was born in Washington DC to a naval family. His father, Raymond, moved his young family out to San Francisco in the early 1940s. San Francisco is where Big Ray would grow, marry, and raise his own children.

During his life, Big Ray served in the Marine Corps, taught math in San Francisco schools, protected the local community as a police officer, and pursued his passion for trades work as a general contractor. As a general contractor, Ray touched the lives of many individuals with his commitment to service and value.

Sadly, Big Ray’s life was cut short in an automobile accident in March, 2008. His two sons, Matt and Steve, vowed to remember their father by forming RFC of San Francisco. We invite you to view a tribute to Big Ray by clicking on this link.

Our Five Declarations of Commitment
We are committed to superior craftsmanship.
Superior craftsmanship means that our work exceeds your expectations and stands the test of time. We are able to provide superior craftsmanship by offering a full satisfaction guaranteed policy. We utilize quality materials, and employ highly motivated tradespeople. To us, construction and remodeling is not work, but our passion.
We are committed to clear, effective communication with our customers.
We listen first – then act. We do what we promise in the timeframe that we promise. At the beginning of each project, we provide a project folder that outlines customer expectations and the timeline. Upon the project’s successful completion, we provide a DVD movie of the process and conduct a customer survey to learn how we can improve the quality of our work.
We are committed to the environment.
We recycle all metal materials. We donate all useable household goods to local charities or to reuse warehouses such as Urban Ore. We encourage our customers to utilize environmentally friendly products and services.
We are committed to community involvement.
We recruit and mentor trade students at local community colleges. We donate five percent of our annual profits to Natural Resources Defense Council, the Special Olympics, and the East Bay Down Syndrome Connection. We also host an annual BBQ for our customers, friends, and family members.
We are committed to laughter and the understanding that we are on this earth for a moment.
We are not the solution. RFC of San Francisco is a place where people can meet, conduct business, and improve the world around them.