Team RFC of San Francisco
RFC of San Francisco is made up of a team of individuals who are passionate about service, craftsmanship, and community involvement. The team started with Raymond Clark and grew to include his sons. RFC of San Francisco continues to grow and develop with talented individuals such as Jahsun Ashaloma. We hope their stories below provide insight into Team RFC of San Francisco’s character and values.

Matt Clark
Behind every successful company, there is a person who makes sure that entity is fiscally responsible and adheres to its core values. For RFC of San Francisco, Matt fulfills that role. Matt is the Financial Management Officer for RFC of San Francisco.

The oldest son of Big Ray, Matt was born and raised in San Francisco. After graduating St. Ignatius College Preparatory, Matt attended Trinity University. There in San Antonio he met his future wife, Margery Arnold. Upon graduating from Trinity, Matt served in the US Army. From flying helicopters to attending Ranger school to acting as a company commander for recruiting, Matt served our nation well. He left the Army to attend Harvard Business School. After completing his MBA, Matt accepted a job with Pimco and is now a Vice President. Matt resides in Southern California with his wife, Margery, and two beautiful daughters. You can reach Matt at

Steve Clark
For a company to grow and develop, there is a person who manages and markets the business to the local community. Steve is RFC of San Francisco’s General Manager.

Steve was born and raised in San Francisco and attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory. After high school, Steve graduated from Cornell University School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration. Steve enjoyed over ten years in the hospitality industry including his last position as a national salesperson for Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Resorts. He served in the Army Corps of Engineers (Reserve) and saw combat duty in Iraq. Big Ray convinced Steve to become a general contractor. Steve spent several years learning from Ray’s vast knowledge and supplemented his father’s education by taking construction classes at Laney College in Oakland. Steve is a licensed general contractor and oversees the daily operations of RFC of San Francisco. Steve resides in Oakland with his wife, Jennifer, and his two adorable sons. You can reach Steve at